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Mahamana Innovative Technologies Welfare Society (MITWS) is an association of researchers and teachers, most of them are working as regular employee in various academic and research institutes. It was registered on 14 September 2012 under Society Act, Sec 21, 1860 at Nawabganj, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India. MITWS members include government/private organization representative involve in science, technology, and social welfare programs, research scientists, managers, technicians, private consultants, educators, enforcement personnel, information specialists and students. The activities of MITWS are carrying purely as a service for the humanity. We are acting as a bridge between academic and industries and contributing a important role for engaging a number of people in the process of nation building. The core working domains of MITWS are education and research.

Wednesday 6 May 2020

Online Essay contest @ Mahamana Vigyaan Manch - MITWS

Dear students/scholars
We are organizing an online essay contest on the topic " Use of information and comunication technology in advance higher education and learning process" under the "Mahamana Vigyaan Manch" a program of MITWS.
A minimum 300 word essay should be submit in the word file format on email given.
The selected essay will publish on the Blog MITWS OPEN.
The last date of submission of your essay is 15 may 2020.
Prize:  Best three essay will be awarded with E certificate and cash prize.
Provide your phone number, class and school/college name.
For any quiry 
Dr. Karan Pratap Singh

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